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1-1 TCF Youth Cycling Coach

1-1 TCF Youth Cycling Coach

Our 1-1 Youth Coaching Coaching features interaction with your coach via Phone, Text, and Email as well as workouts & training program delivered via the web-based TrainPeaks portal and/or smartphone app.

Our Youth Cycling Coaches provide coaching based upon a proven model that considers the physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive development of children and adolescents.  Athletes who progress through this model experience training that considers their biological & training ages in creating plans and expectation specific to their development needs & physical literacy. 

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OPTION: Nutrition ($399 initial fee + $25/28 days):
OPTION - Group Sessions:
OPTION: Group Sessions (+$50/28 days):
Minimum Duration: Four 28 Day Periods

There is a 16 week minimum commitment for this program. We will add a $3.50 fee to your billing each period for a Training Peaks Premium account with need to purchase and pay for your own!  You will be contacted by your coach, or we will contact you to set you up with a coach within 24 hours after purchase.  Once you discuss your training program with your coach, and have agreed on a start date your billing will begin the following Monday. All billing pauses, stops, and restarts should be discussed with your coach, and made by you via your "My Account" area on The Cycling Formula website.

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The Cycling Formula’s 4 Basic Philosophies of Coaching Youth Cycling:

  1. Every athlete should have goals and the 1st goal is to have fun and to grow.
  2. Every ride or workout should have a purpose.
  3. Building confidence, skills, and fitness are keys to a successful athlete and overall experience.
  4. Engage with the parents.


Given the diverse age & skill ranges of youth athletes, how do coaches of The Cycling Formula know the best way to coach these athletes?


By using LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) to understand the needs of kids as they move through four distinct “Training Stages”.

LTAD / Long Term Athlete Development

  • It’s a holistic model that guides an individual’s entire experience in the sport of cycling - from youth through early adulthood. It looks at the overall long-term development of a child.

  • It considers the physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive development of children and adolescents at different Training Stages.  “How” we coach 5/6th graders is not “how” we coach 11/12th graders!

  • Integrates elite AND recreation athletes.  There is a pathway to success for ALL kids!  Older kids in other sports can also switch to the sport of cycling.

  • Most importantly: Promotes healthy individuals who participate in lifelong physical activity - especially the sport of cycling!

Training Stages: An Overview 

Athletes who progress through these stages will experience training and competition that considers their biological and training ages. Training plans, practices, and expectations are specific to their developmental needs and physical literacy.  An emphasis on ethics, fair play, and character building are also taught throughout all training stages. 

The 4 Training Stages: 

Learning to Train
Grades 5-6 / Ages 10-12 
One of the most important periods of motor development for children is between the ages of 9 and 12. Children are developmentally ready to acquire most of the gross and fine motor skills required for a lifetime of cycling. This includes, for example, learning how to ride a bike with gears and the ability to use clipless pedals. All cycling is focused on having fun and gaining necessary skills with some structured training and competition.  

Training to Train
Grades 7-9 / Ages 12-15 
The focus during this stage is to build an aerobic base, develop speed & strength, and further develop cycling skills. Additionally, athletes will begin to learn the basics of consistent training. Learning to cope with the physical and mental challenges of competition is also introduced. 

Training to Compete 
Grades 10-12 / Ages 15-18 
In this stage, athletes will optimize fitness preparation and master most advanced level cycling skills. Athletes work to perform those skills under a variety of competitive conditions during training. Periodization in training is introduced. Keeping a daily training log now becomes a key way to engage with training and for athletes to see short and long-term outcomes.  

Training to Win
Grade 12 / Ages 17-18 
Athletes seek to optimize their engines required for elite level age group competitions. All of the athlete’s physical, technical, tactical, mental, personal, and lifestyle capacities are fully established and the focus of training has shifted to the maximization of performance.
Youth Cycling Coaching for grades 5-6, grades 7-8, grades 9-10, and grades 11-12

From the framework of LTAD as overall guiding model, an individualized program will then be created to address each youth athlete's specific goals. Programs can include youth nutrition, efficiency training, annualized season periodization and daily workouts. This option is an excellent coaching package for youth athletes looking to take their cycling to the next level. 

The Package Includes:

  • A quarterly call to discuss season-planning, goal setting, methodologies, etc.
  • Email, text, & phone contact with your coach, as needed     
  • Testing upon startup as well as every three months to monitor progress and ensure accurate heart rate training zones
  • Annual training periodization that considers your goal races and other personal priorities
  • Specific targeting of physiological limiters, and monitoring of progress throughout the season
  • Detailed race execution analysis, including analysis of power, pace, and heart-rate files against specific metrics for race day success
  • Online training log (Training Peaks Premium Account) to interact with coach and submit/track results
  • Daily workouts sent in 1-4 week blocks, as agreed upon between the coach and athlete via the online training log
  • The Cycling Formula member area login and resource access
  • Continuous support and access to your coach throughout the season.
  • 10% discount on the intensive Core Diet 1-1 nutrition support service
  • 40% discount on all Classes & Services at Cycle Life Studio in Whitman, MA.

 “Nutrition” option (add $230 initial fee + $25 / 4-week block):

  • Day to Day nutrition plan developed or signed off by a registered dietitian including a two hour consultation to discuss and review the plan. [$275 retail]
  • Access to the full Core Diet member area resources including the "Ask The RD" Forum, recipe database, macronutrient calculator, and other resources! [$30/28 days retail]