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Launching The Cycling Formula

Latest press release from QT2 Systems, LLC

QT2 Systems, LLC is excited to announce the creation of The Cycling Formula (TCF), a cycling specific coaching group and race team founded by cyclists, for cyclists. Built on a passion for the sport, TCF will be the go to source for cyclists looking to get the most out of themselves and the time they have to devote to the bike. TCF's staff includes coaches who are dedicated to all disciplines of cycling whether it be road, time trial, crit's, gravel/adventure, cyclocross or endurance MTB. Wherever you like to ride your bike, let the TCF coaches help you become a faster, happier cyclist.

Jesse Kropelnicki, founder of QT2 Systems, LLC offered the following when asked about TCF's launch. "I am extremely excited about the addition of The Cycling Formula to our coaching and race prep lineup. The Cycling Formula brand and service fits well alongside our other endurance brands. Having Matt Curbeau as the Operations Director of TCF will really allow for us to translate QT2's detail orientated approach to the sport of cycling. Matt having been a professional triathlete as well as a Coach with QT2 for 5+ years knows our technical approach, relentless pursuit to being the best, and our important values."

If you are a pure roadie, a triathlete looking to improve on the bike, or a triathlete looking for a break from triathlon, TCF can help take what you know about the bike, and translate that into a powerful bike racing toolbox.  The approach taken by TCF is extremely detail oriented, and includes nutrition components serviced by the Dietitians of The Core Diet.  TCF will address development of Power on the bike, body composition, and race pacing/tactics all in one place.  

The Cycling Formula Race Team is supported by top sponsors such as LiteSpeed, Pioneer Power Meters, Klean Athlete, and NormaTec Recovery among others.

About Jesse Kropelnicki: Jesse is an internationally recognized triathlon coach and leading nutrition expert in the endurance field. He is the founder of QT2 Systems, LLC, including The Core Diet and has led many triathletes to IRONMAN victories. He is the author of the book “The Endurance Training Diet and Cookbook” and a USA Triathlon Level III coach who instructs regularly for USA Triathlon.

About Matt Curbeau: Matt has been a coach with QT2 Systems, LLC for over 5 years, as well as a professional triathlete under the guidance of QT2 since 2011. His passion for cycling has led him to turn his full attention to the bike. He is currently racing and coaching a full road and cyclocross schedule.  

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