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Chris Kochanski

Chris Kochanski

Coach (Cyclo-cross, Gravel/Off-Road Endurance, Mountain Biking, Road Racing)


Coach Name: Chris Kochanski

Hometown: Bridgewater, MA

Background: Riding his bike everywhere like most kids may have been where Chris’ cycling journey began. However, it wasn’t until many adult years later, in 2014, when Chris bought his first full-suspension mountain bike and that’s when a whole new world opened for him. Less than a year later, Chris participated in his first mountain bike race and found himself bitten by the cycling bug. Since then, Chris has expanded his realm into road cycling, triathlon, cyclocross and gravel cycling, though his true passion remains deeply rooted in mountain biking. For Chris, mountain biking is the one activity that allows him to not think about anything else and be completely in the moment, a phenomenon he likes to call “cycletherapy”.

As one who is “all-in” and “dialed-in” with all that he does, Chris is eager to learn as much as he can about every aspect of cycling, whether that be understanding equipment choices and setups, applying available technology, knowing how to fuel properly, or developing skills and training methodology. Chris also “plays very well with others” and has made countless meaningful relationships along the way. Throughout his journey, Chris has come a long way to develop both his knowledge and network and he continues to flourish in the local cycling community, both as consumer and contributor.

Coaching Experience: Chris has been an athlete with The Cycling Formula for several years, while also working a full-time job and going to school as an adult. As a coached athlete, himself, Chris is much better equipped as a coach to know and understand the training process, as well as the challenges that many fellow athletes will find themselves facing. Chris has developed a strong grasp on helping athletes determine their thresholds and training zones, in order to put together a tailored workout plan for them. Additionally, Chris has assembled a valuable toolbox containing all of the little things that can quickly add up to help an athlete thrive on the day of their event, or any day that they just want to feel really good on the bike.

Athletic Highlights: Chris found early success in competitive swimming during his school-aged years, which later aided him as an adult to reach the podium in multiple local sprint triathlon races. Chris’ passion for off-road cycling has helped place him on the podium in numerous local mountain bike races, and he has also participated in several gravel events/races including D2R2, Guilford Gravel Grinder, Rooted Vermont, Vermont Overland, and SBT GRVL.

Hobbies: Riding bikes, photography (often while riding bikes), enjoying craft cocktails and craft beer, finding great ethnic food, and participating in any kind of outdoor adventure whatsoever.

Why work with The Cycling Formula: If there is one commodity we wish we all had more of, it is probably time, and Chris understands the value of it. Unless we are professional athletes, we are likely also balancing other demands such as work, school, and family. However much or little time an athlete is able to commit to training each week, Chris and The Cycling Formula can help make the most of that time. Whether the goal is to reach the podium or simply thrive in an event rather than just survive it, Chris will enthusiastically share his knowledge and experience and do everything he can to help our athletes find success and joy on their own cycling journeys.