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Reem Jishi

Reem Jishi

Coach (Road Racing and Time Trials)


Reem first entered the world of triathlon in 2000 as a way to escape the daily pressures of her career as an attorney. Triathlon, and later cycling and running, became her savior. For the next 10 years, Reem continued in the corporate world, but always found the time to train and race. In 2010, Reem retired from Corporate America and opened Gazella Training, a fitness studio and coaching business in upstate New York. In that position, she worked with dozens of triathletes, cyclists and runners of all levels - from first 5K athlete to National Champion. During this time, Reem continued to advance her knowledge of the sport, receiving her Level 2 USA Cycling Certification in 2010, and Level 2 Triathlon Certification in early 2018. Reem joined OutRival Racing in 2018.

In training for triathlon in 2001 and 2002, Reem started participating in group bike rides in New York City. She discovered the love of cycling, and for several years planned all of her vacations around cycling. Her passion brought her into bike racing in 2003, quickly upgrading to a Cat 2 and earning her elite license. In 2005, Reem co-founded the Advil ChapStick Women's Professional Cycling Team. Reem raced with Advil Chapstick through the 2008 season, competing on the NRC Circuit and in several international races. Reem has since shifted her racing focus back to triathlon, but continues to participate in cycling events.

Every athlete has a different story and reason for why he or she entered the world of competitive racing. But, to succeed, every athlete must have a goal and commit to it. Reem will help you find your goal and work with your real life to find a way to succeed. Reem’s training philosophy is that if you commit to yourself, she will commit to you. Your goals become her goals. Dream big and achieve more.