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Damon Telepak

Damon Telepak

Coach (Gravel/Off-Road Endurance, Mountain Biking, Road Racing, and Cyclocross)


Damon Telepak is a life-long cyclist with an energy & enthusiasm for cycling that can only be called infectious.  While trained in the science & methodology of "performance-based coaching", those aren't the only coaching tools he employs.  He constantly engages his athletes in an effort to find ways to inspire, empower, and motivate each and every one of them to achieve more than they thought they were capable of. 

"I can have an athlete that's fit as all hell - but if they don't understand or believe  that... then it doesn't matter.  I need them to believe in themselves as much as I believe in them."

As a coach, he looks to improve an athlete’s performance by increasing their durability, building their core strength, creating an ongoing dialogue about nutrition & fueling, encouraging proper sleep cycles & day-to-day habits, bringing attention to mental preparation & visualization techniques , and talking through each race or event's "tactics, pacing, & execution".  A common mantra he tells his athletes on race day is:

“Focus on what you actually control – and let the rest fall into place...  and then hammer past all the bullshit in the straight sections."

Besides cycling & coaching, Damon spends time helping to organize & manage cycling events such as the Lake Placid Smashfest, Cycling Formula’s Vermont Gravel Camp, and the Landmine MTB Classic.  He’s also an ardent advocate of New England youth cycling and through The Cycling Formula works with leagues such as NEHSCA and Vermont Youth Cycling.  Damon enjoys riding road, gravel, and especially enjoys mountain biking. For almost thirty years, his family has had a second home in Moab UT where he's probably ridden EVERY single trail. If you ask, he'd be more than happy to tell you about all his favorites.

Damon currently resides in New England and is probably out "adventure riding" his gravel bike at the moment.