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The Cycling Formula Presents

Regional DIY Stage Series


Stage Series Overview:

Regional DIY Stage Series

The Regional DIY Stage Series are challenges aimed at testing your overall skills & fitness IN MULTIPLE CYCLING DISCIPLINES.   

Maybe you’re a master of the road, but how do you fare on some loose packed gravel? Maybe you’re King of the Gravel, but can you shred the gnar on an MTB deep in the woods? Maybe you own the woods, but can you scorch the asphalt on a bike with skinny street rims? Well friends, it’s time to go find out! Because we want to see who has what it takes - WHEREVER it takes them. 

Each Regional DIY Stage Series will be comprised of mixed cycling disciplines.  One stage might focus on gravel or MTB, while others may shift to road cycling.  The point is, you’re going to have to adapt and overcome.


Please Ride Safely!

We are still in the midst of a global pandemic. The last thing we want is for anyone to get hurt or injured. PLEASE RIDE SAFELY.  We’re NOT looking for the overall fastest course times - frankly we don’t care. We don’t have courses cordoned off and marshalled by race volunteers.  There’s no caution tape or neon course arrows. There’s no event SAG or aid station.  There’s just you, your bike, and your trusty GPS device. Oh yeah, and that pocket full of common sense you always carry around with you!   

Speaking of common sense, we do not want to see folks doing stupid things on their bikes. Obey traffic laws and don’t go blowing through intersections or crossing double yellow lines to pass someone.  Don’t rip down crowded trails or needlessly endanger folks on foot or horseback.  Let’s all be absolutely outstanding citizens of the cycling community.  

What we ARE looking for is how fast you can rip through some Strava Segments, Segments that each local cycling community has vetted. And although we know we don’t have to say this, we will anyway: Only attempt a KOM or QOM on a segment IF you can be absolutely sure that you can do so safely.   

DO NOT ENDANGER YOURSELF OR OTHERS. At all times you must follow ALL cycling etiquette rules & rules of the road. Failure to do so could lead to disqualification from future Cycling Formula events. It could also get you labeled as a total douche-bag! Don’t be that person.  

At the end of the day this is really just a fun excuse to ride our bikes (at socially safe distances) a little bit harder than we normally do. But we’re all going to agree to do so SAFELY, RESPECTFULLY, and ALWAYS IN CONTROL.  

We thank you all for participating.  We hope you stay safe and have fun.  Now Let's Ride!  


The Dirt Riders Challenge, SE MassachusettsOur 2nd Event: The Dirt Riders Challenge - SE Massachusetts

For our 2nd event, we present you: The Dirt Riders Challenge in Southeast Massachusetts!  Click the button to learn more and register.

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$15 Registration Fee Per Category Entered (Intermediate or Expert.  You CAN sign up for both if you pay the adfditional $15 registration fee).  Why a fee? It takes time and effort to plan, organize, and manage an event like this. Your nominal registration fee helps cover our costs AND lights a little fire under your butt to commit. Proceeds from registration will go towards supporting the Wompatuck Warriors and the Easton Bobcats youth mountain bike teams of NEHSCA.

Your registration also:

Rules and Regs

STRAVA Club - You must join The Cycling Formula STRAVA Club to qualify for official event participation and recognition. You can join our STRAVA Club here:

Completion of Stages - You may complete the two courses in your chosen category (Intermediate ot Expert) in any order and within any amount of time AS LONG AS it is within the month of November. You must also have all completed activities and have uploaded them to your STRAVA account by November 30th at 3:00 PM EST.

Close of Event - The event closes at 3:00 PM Monday, November 30, 2020. You must have completed AND uploaded your activity to STRAVA by NO LATER THAN 3:00 PM Monday, November 30, 2020 to qualify for the official annals of Regional DIY Stage Series glory. Otherwise, it was just be a really good ride.

Again, BE SAFE.

Riding with friends. We have to say it; it’s ok to ride with your friends - but PLEASE do so safely. Try to keep groups to five or fewer riders. It is feasible to maintain social distancing in that size of a group. It is also feasible to maintain social distancing guidelines, if you come upon a similarly sized group on the road or trail. Keep some sort of face covering with you at all times and put it on, if maintaining social distancing becomes difficult OR if you stop to interact with another group. Let’s practice “social distancing” and not “social avoidance”. 

Ride SAFELY. Practice ALL rules of cycling courtesy & etiquette while riding. 

DO NOT endanger yourself or others. RESPECT everyone else on the road or trail - especially non-riders. Groups of cyclists must always yield to groups of walkers or hikers. Pursuit of your Strava KOM / QOM does NOT take precedence over the safety and well-being over other’s enjoying the outdoors. Re-read this rule again. 

Strava Segments. We absolutely DO NOT care about overall course times. THIS IS NOT A RACE. If you feel the need for some speed, however, please do so ONLY in Official Strava Segments within each route. 


Strava Segments will NOT be marked on courses. You need to use your GPS device or phone for that. Please note that accessing the “Live” Strava Segments feature requires a Strava Premium account to do so.

Here’s an overview “Live” Strava Segments ( ).

Here’s a list of compatible devices that allow “Live” Strava Segments ( ).

Here’s how to access “Live” Strava Segments on a Garmin device ( 

Here’s how to access them on a Wahoo device ( ).

None of This Is Perfect

There will be no podium. There will be no medals. There will be no super cool prize to commemorate your glorious triumph over your buddy. There will, however, be the official Regional #DIY Stage Series newsletter & Instagram giving bragging rights to each & every STRAVA segment winner as of 3:00 PM Monday, November 30, 2020. Overall GC leaders will also be tracked each week in November, leading up to final GC winners being named at the end of the event.

We've tried our best to verify that all routes and segments are as dialed-in as possible. But let’s be honest, there may be a small inconsistency here or there, or a timing snafu we didn’t foresee. In the end, however, we’re doing our damnedest to see that this thing is 1) Safe, 2) Fun, and 3) as Easy to navigate & ride as we possibly can. 

As we said to begin with, the Regional #DIY Stage Series is what you make of it, so give it a go and see where you can take it.