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Using Training Peaks "Built Workouts" is easy in ZWIFT! ZWIFT will take one of your built or "smart" workouts, and load it directly into its software, complete with prompts/cues, and changes in resistance/intensity when in ERG mode.

Connecting ZWIFT and Training Peaks

In order to be able to access your Training Peaks smart workouts in ZWIFT, you must first connect your ZWIFT and Training Peaks accounts. This is very, very easy. Specific instructions on how to make this connection can be found HERE.

Click HERE for a quick How-To guide on using Training Peaks and ZWIFT in conjunction with one another.

Find Your Training Peaks Built Workout in ZWIFT

Finding your scheduled smart workout, in ZWIFT, is easy, if you know where to look. The article - HERE - will help you to locate and select your scheduled workout, so that it uploads directly in ZWIFT, and executes as written. The only thing that you may have to do, within the ZWIFT software, is to adjust your FTP setting, just before starting the workout. It is very simple to do, using the ZWIFT-provided slider. At this time, the FTP that is set within the Training Peaks software does not seem to communicate over to ZWIFT. But, the adjustment is very, very clear and simple. 


Of note, when you are riding a Training Peaks built/smart workout, you are in "workout mode", and therefore will not be subject to the changes in terrain that you would experience during a typical ZWIFT ride, when on a smart trainer.

*You are only able to access the Training Peaks built/smart workout, for the day that you are trying to ride. For example, if it is April 3, 2019...Within ZWIFT, you will only be able to see/access/open the workout that is scheduled for that day, April 3, 2019. If you have a different workout, scheduled on, for example, April 5, 2019, which you would like to do on April 3, 2019, you will have to move it, within Training Peaks, over to April 3rd, and then go back into ZWIFT in order to access it.